Christmas, Part I

I Love Christmas.
I love reminiscing about how it was the pinnacle of everything good, rad and awesome circa my entire childhood. Cookies galore, dreams of Barbie mansions, playing with the nativity scene perched above the dryer in the kitchen as if it were a doll house. The way the multicolored lights made everything glow, the smell of pine, not being able to sleep for such severe excitement on Christmas eve. My sister and I would make top secret plans to wake up at 4 am and sneak downstairs to check out the goods, read tags and figure out who the biggest presents belonged to.
It was just pure bliss with two weeks off of school as the exclamation point.

I am hard pressed to think of any equivalent to this as an adult. Actually, I get kind of jealous of my 6 year old self if I think enough about it. But there are still so many things I adore about the holidays, one of them being decorating with abandon, even if it does get a little bit tacky...


as in installing purple LED lights behind my shoe shelf...in addition to more traditional, subtle things also...


The miracles of wired ribbon...


$1 for 16 ornaments at Target...


Saving such ornaments for a few years can make for a good display in that weird nautical oval- shaped bowl you bought for no good reason...until now.


More Christmas Shoe Fabulousity.



My main objective in decorating the windows is to make the kids in the neighborhood happy. At this point it doesn't seem like many people in this complex "deck the halls", so to speak. Which is understandable, seeing as nobody has lawns, trees, front doors or anything of the sort. But still, I think it's good to work with what you have.


More cheap-o target ornaments....


And some throwback vintage hand-made ornaments from 2008-or-so...


My first ever DIY wreath!


AAAAAND the pink tree in all of its radiant glory. While this wall looks entirely fabulous,
it's not really cohesive with the rest of the decor. But whatever, I'm fine with it for the time being. Policecop was surprisingly fond of the purple LED's, he thought it looked hi-tech and "like outer space". So it stays.