The Wicked Wish List of the West

Nobody likes to think of themselves as materialistic. But let's face it. We've been bred and raised to want things...To get things, then to want newer and fancier things, to want what other people have, to feel squeamishly uncomfortable until we can obtain the prize. It's not about food on the table, it's not about rent or practicality. It's about fantasy. It's about looking like you're living the dream. I am a firm believer that at least 90% of iPhone users have bought this device for the sole purpose of looking/feeling relevant. Apple is the biggest fashion dictator technology has ever met.

While I do like to think of myself as practical in the sense that I have no desire for an iPhone, and no uncontrollable lust for a fancy car, I am a miserable sucker for unobtainable high-end fashion. The following items have me all strung up:

#1- Anne Demeulemeester triple lace boots, high heel version. These were from the 2008 collection, and sold for a hefty $2250. I think it's safe to say I won't have these any time soon.

#2: Christian Louboutin Anything. But mainly the Anemone pump, and classic nude pumps.

These blue satin ones have my heart racing too...

#3: Marc Jacobs anything and everything. I am in a weird kind of love with him.

Especially this last necklace from his Marc by Marc Jacobs collection...boxing gloves and a tooth. Too good. I think I need this hard. A trip to Boston is in order.


Accordion Concert Sunday






Today Hilary came over in hopes of having a beach picnic. While I spent the entire morning cleaning up the place and doing two loads of laundry, the sun was shining and the world was at a good steady 80 degrees Fahrenheit. And then everything went cold and cloudy. So we stayed in and had an impromptu concert, perogies, macaroni and cheesse, cookies and cherry garcia frozen yogurt. Tons of food.
Also, this week I scored a ton of vintage patterns at Joanne's for 99 cents each. The only problem is having never used a pattern before, I severely underestimated just how complex they were. So this weeks project has been determined.

I'm really not ready for Monday. Fuck.


Harvest Moon




I am exceedingly excited over these new-found platforms by Jessica Simpson. At this point it is pretty clear that she should have skipped the singing thing all together and just focused on shoe designing. Her Dany Platforms are coveted on a global level. They are #1 on my Christmas list.
These platforms will serve as a good substitute for the time being. Pretty damn ferocious.
Also, how pretty was the moon last night? I couldn't help dragging my camera out mid-cigarette to document it. Glad I did.


active in the community

Early Sunday morning was spent volunteering at the Plymouth Police 5k/Liam's run.
I'm not one to (ever) volunteer my early morning sleep hours for any kind of cause, but I made an exception for this. My efforts were rewarded with a warm fuzzy sense of good-doer-ness (?)
and after a few hours at home to sloth and nap, a sweet afterparty.



First scorpion bowl experience. It's really great that you are granted little to no knowledge of how much you have drank, and only begin to put the pieces together based on your level of hangover severity the following day. I made a dent, but thankfully not that much of a dent.


In other news avocado family has been transplanted to a bigger home, spruced up with some fancy marine blue spray paint.




Also, Policecop and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. He made chicken, I made a mini-scale cake. And now while I'm blogging we are watching the following movie:

We just finished it. I really have no more words. For the rest of my life. Ever.
It is available through Netflix for your viewing pleasure. Policecop says that the fact that the USPS is required to deliver this to your door seems like an awful waste of government resources. Yup.


apartment love

Hello Saturday!
Unfortunately I am dslr-less, as Policecop has borrowed the xsi for a spy mission at the Big E today. No joke.
I did however take a few pictures around the house last night. I'm feeling extremely content with the way it's looking right now. I'm a subscriber to feng shui in a way, when things are out of order it leaves me feeling flat out gross. Maybe it's OCD. But this is the only place in the whole wide world I can call my own. I consider keeping it nice a very large priority.


Favorite windowsill in the world.


Present for a friend, to be sent soon.




Mini Diana.


And a mini amp.


Love Letters.


Fueling station. Very serious about coffee.


Just wonderful.


As clean as my closet ever gets, as the drawers are shut. For the most part.


Ebayed cds, from one of my favorite Japanese artists. Songs I never thought I'd hear again...


Star shaped ice cubes in your rusty nail (that are a pain in the ass to get out of the tray, but none the less...)

Today I have a special project to complete, and may possibly go out on an analogue adventure.
First we must conjure up the will to brush our teeth.


Knits and Lomographics.







So it is fall.
I think I've been trying to fight it in my mind. It seems impossible to me that just two weeks ago I was mourning the sudden loss of AC in my car, sweating through a straight week of 95 degree temperatures. I blinked. And then BOOM. The sun that used to come flooding in through the blinds at 5:30 am has become increasingly tardy, screwing with my internal clock and leaving me feeling stale and spent, not being able to differentiate between my cigarette smoke and my breath in the morning.
New England is a volatile place to live.

Trying to be positive about all this coldness, I went on a thrifting adventure this afternoon. The goal: knits.
I found this sweet brown number with bell sleeves and horizontal ribbing. While I'm not sure exactly what it is to begin with, being labeled XL and yet pretty snug on me...it might be a sweater, or a dress, or a little girls dress...I still like it.
Worn with thrifted belt and last years over the knee boots.

In other news, I have finally refurbished the Lomo wall, which now hangs in place of the Soviet flag. Policecop was becoming concerned about what the neighbors would think. I could not care less, but still think this project came out mighty nice. I had used mostly prints from the DSLR before, but decided to replace them with actual Lomo shots, and the result is undeniably better. Vignetting is a beautiful thing.


Ball Day Saturday






And just like that the ball is over. While I had my fun getting dressed up, I kind of get why everybody told me that I didn't miss out on much not being able to go to prom. Chicken and wine. Lots of people I didn't know. Meh.
I think it would be much more my taste to get dressed up like this for a night out with friends...as in pretend we've just left a ball and go out for scorpion bowls, dancing and midnight ihop. Maybe. Or possibly just crash a ball...that would be good.

Today was spent doing some heavy, heavy cleaning around the place. It was tough to find a clean corner in the house last night to take pictures...note the hair dye stained towel hanging over closet door in picture #1.

Now everything smells like pledge and it's making me incredibly content. All in all, a good weekend.





I did it. IT IS DONE.
I swear to god this was like the god damn bermuda triangle of handbags. I won't be doing this again for at least a few whiles.
Meanwhile, the house is covered in cobwebs of yarn, frayed satin and possibly needles and pins.
On that note, it's time for bed.



And Jackie wept with fury.
I tried. Spent so much time and money...
In the end due to a fatal lining accident, the clutch is rendered useless. I googled. I youtubed. I used a seam ripper. My fingers bled. I nearly cried.
But to no avail. I am now left clutch-less for the ball. Trying to develop an alternate plan, and also partly blaming Gwen in my mind for falling sick this week and not being able to stop me on my path of sewing destruction.
And that is all for now.


Hipstamatic Summer

Oh Summer.
I can't say it was a bad one, just not nearly long enough. I'm still sore over the fact that the Albany camping trip was canceled, but then again there is next year. Someday it will be warm again.
Here are some of my favorite summer shots through the lens of Policecop's Hipstamatic:


New Apartment...


In which the kitchen table is officially the cigarette rolling station. We eat on the floor.



Woodland Adventures.




















Please come back soon. I'm too old to be excited over snow anymore.