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Early Sunday morning was spent volunteering at the Plymouth Police 5k/Liam's run.
I'm not one to (ever) volunteer my early morning sleep hours for any kind of cause, but I made an exception for this. My efforts were rewarded with a warm fuzzy sense of good-doer-ness (?)
and after a few hours at home to sloth and nap, a sweet afterparty.



First scorpion bowl experience. It's really great that you are granted little to no knowledge of how much you have drank, and only begin to put the pieces together based on your level of hangover severity the following day. I made a dent, but thankfully not that much of a dent.


In other news avocado family has been transplanted to a bigger home, spruced up with some fancy marine blue spray paint.




Also, Policecop and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. He made chicken, I made a mini-scale cake. And now while I'm blogging we are watching the following movie:

We just finished it. I really have no more words. For the rest of my life. Ever.
It is available through Netflix for your viewing pleasure. Policecop says that the fact that the USPS is required to deliver this to your door seems like an awful waste of government resources. Yup.

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