Fireworks and Toy Phones

Last night Policecop, my lovely co-workers and I went out to our friend Laura's Labor Day party. It was nice to see fireworks before the summer comes to a complete close.







All the, erm, excitement left me feeling a little bit hazy today, but I still managed to start a project I've been looking forward to: the leaopardization of my new mini cell phone...




Recently, for whatever reason, I've been longing for the old days, before iPhones and Smartphones, the constant need to be connected up the arse-and-what-have-you...my qwerty keyboard kind of lost its charm and I got all nostalgic over the teeny little candy bar type phones I used to have. So when the battery started going on my Rumor II, I searched out every place I could for remaining old school Virgin Mobile phones. I scored this one at CVS for $8.
Granted it has maybe 1/20th of the neat-o features of my other phone, but it is able to fit so nicely in my smaller purses and weighs maybe as much as a library card. And god knows I sit in front of my computer enough while I'm at home, I really don't have any desire to be a part of this 3G Network hooplah. Not quite yet at least.

Although I've had to switch back to my old phone while the paint dries for a day or so, I'm very much looking forward to using my little leopard masterpiece...although I'm kicking myself for not making the base color less yellow...It's far too late at this point.

It was kind of fun taking a break from figuring out how to build a clutch and simply paint acrylic blobs while blasting my eardrums out on the headphones, in my own little world.
Tonight's poison of choice:
Bat For Lashes...

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