Ball Day Saturday






And just like that the ball is over. While I had my fun getting dressed up, I kind of get why everybody told me that I didn't miss out on much not being able to go to prom. Chicken and wine. Lots of people I didn't know. Meh.
I think it would be much more my taste to get dressed up like this for a night out with friends...as in pretend we've just left a ball and go out for scorpion bowls, dancing and midnight ihop. Maybe. Or possibly just crash a ball...that would be good.

Today was spent doing some heavy, heavy cleaning around the place. It was tough to find a clean corner in the house last night to take pictures...note the hair dye stained towel hanging over closet door in picture #1.

Now everything smells like pledge and it's making me incredibly content. All in all, a good weekend.

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