Knits and Lomographics.







So it is fall.
I think I've been trying to fight it in my mind. It seems impossible to me that just two weeks ago I was mourning the sudden loss of AC in my car, sweating through a straight week of 95 degree temperatures. I blinked. And then BOOM. The sun that used to come flooding in through the blinds at 5:30 am has become increasingly tardy, screwing with my internal clock and leaving me feeling stale and spent, not being able to differentiate between my cigarette smoke and my breath in the morning.
New England is a volatile place to live.

Trying to be positive about all this coldness, I went on a thrifting adventure this afternoon. The goal: knits.
I found this sweet brown number with bell sleeves and horizontal ribbing. While I'm not sure exactly what it is to begin with, being labeled XL and yet pretty snug on me...it might be a sweater, or a dress, or a little girls dress...I still like it.
Worn with thrifted belt and last years over the knee boots.

In other news, I have finally refurbished the Lomo wall, which now hangs in place of the Soviet flag. Policecop was becoming concerned about what the neighbors would think. I could not care less, but still think this project came out mighty nice. I had used mostly prints from the DSLR before, but decided to replace them with actual Lomo shots, and the result is undeniably better. Vignetting is a beautiful thing.

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  1. Have you ever thought about doing steampunk like things?