Brilliant Things:

Lately I've been blessed in the good finds category....


The perfect Tiffany Blue nail polish. I've never received so many compliments on my nails. Girls eyes are drawn to this color in the same way crows like shiny things. Called "For Audrey" (cute), by China Glaze.


Calvin Klein Collection wooden wedge heels for $9, consignment. In mint condition, until I wore them out one night resulting in the scuffs you see here. My bad. Either way they are like butter and of such a neat shape...your foot is barely in the shoe at all, it's pretty much has 1/4th of the basic upper body of a regular heel. Not painful by any means, but still tough to walk in. If I ever fall in these I'm going DOWN.


So very, very Calvin Klein. Whom I'm not a huge fan of most of the time, but these are a ten for me.


Mini Louis from the 50's, consigned for $48. You don't ever get much luckier than that, really. Found at the same place I scored my gown. I don't really want to tell people about this place anymore, I want it all to myself...


Finally took advantage of the Barnes & Noble gift card I got for my birthday...I knew I was saving it for something good, and here it is. The coolest bag pattern book I've ever seen. EVER.
I'm not following any of the patterns in the book, but got it mostly because I need a quick tutorial on the basics of bag making. After circling the world and the internet twelve times for the perfect clutch for the ball, I've decided I'm just going to have to make my own.


I worked on the basic pattern and interfacing for a few hours tonight, but I'll wait till I have something worth showing before I post. After I'm done with that, and upon obtaining a sewing machine, I'm dying to try the other patterns in this book. So good.

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