long time.

Long time and no see. I've taken more time off from this blog than I had planned, mainly due to a pretty stressful and trying month. My sister's surgery went well, but the entire process was more emotionally exhausting then I had predicted. But now she is well, and this is quite seriously the best thing ever.
The only thing left is for her to get well enough to be my beach buddy again. I can not wait.

Also, this week one of our friends at the cafe passed away very suddenly. I've been lucky up to this point, having very few run-ins with death...28 years old and had only ever been to one funeral until now. I can't complain. But either way, what a horrible week...
Mark, rest in peace. You are missed tremendously, already. <3

So I've decided after all of this it might be nice to start focusing in on the prettier, nicer, funner things in life for a while after a long hiatus.

So anyway, above are a few choice things that were good during all of the turmoil. Colored pencils and watercolors in the rain at Gwen's house. With rose wine spritzers. Terribly good. And Gwen's practice space in New Bedford. The most magical space in any abandoned mill, ever.

Now for breakfast and beach.

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