Fascinating Cornbread

During my trip to Florida back in May, I was lucky enough to experience the magic that is rosemary cornbread from the House of Blues. Although they were selling bags of just-add-milk/eggs mix in the gift shop, I decided that it would be more fun to try and replicate it on my own terms.
The results have been so wonderful that I deem them worthy of sharing. So here is the simple, non-exact recipe I came up with:

Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix (49 cents per box)
<You will also need 1 egg and approx. 1/3 cup of milk per box of mix>
Fresh Rosemary
One Orange
Fresh Ginger
Butter (The real kind)

1: Prepare the batter as directed on the box, except hold off just a tiny bit on the milk...about one tablespoon...substitute this one tablespoon with honey.

2: Add fresh, finely chopped rosemary. I have no exact measurement for this...just put in a little more than what you consider to be sensible. But remember that fresh herbs yield less flavor per capita as compared to dried. Basically what I'm saying is don't be shy with it. Just make sure that you only include the needles and not the twigs.

3: Add orange zest. Just a few teaspoons, depending on how much you like oranges. Be careful when zesting. If you scrape down to the white layer, it will be bitter.

4: Add Ginger: Zest the ginger just as you did with the orange peel. Make sure to not include the outer skin.

Bake as directed on the package. Easy as pie. And if you're feeling extra fancy, whip up some butter with sea salt, honey and orange zest.
Such a good recipe for a tired Saturday morning.



I would like to do a frillier post but due to sleep deprivation I've succeeded in doing nothing worth sharing today, aside from filling out an online application for a part time photo technician position at my local pharmacy. I saw the signs outside advertising the job..."ASK INSIDE!"
So I went out of my way, made a pit-stop, asked about it inside and was told all applications are conducted online. Thanks, for that.

So I went home and filled out this application as directed. Now I have spent 40 minutes of my precious free time playing along with their multiple-choice mind game douchery instead of participating in a sweet nap.

I won't go into too much detail regarding the questions that these dumb-ass applications throw at you. I'm assuming a great many of you have gone through this horrid process on your own...the same question asked in five different ways, so that they can finally trick you into admitting you are a lying thief that hates the public and will most likely lift money from your till.

I'm wondering why they need to know about the following things:

"You like to keep your friends close, but not too close"...
"You think big crowds are fun"
"You are not at all interested in other peoples problems"
"You think people can not be trusted"
"You have done things in the past that you regret"

So on and so forth...
To which I say, WHAT THE FUCK.

Since I responded with "Agree" (not to be mistaken with "Strongly Agree") to the inquiry
about big crowds, the system will probably take this as an indication that I am a party girl and will frequently be late for my shifts, as I am constantly bar crawling in the style of Mardi Gras 24/7. Or some shit like that.

I have no words. I'm too tired to bother with this anymore.
However, I have come up with a new theory as to why the economy is tanking...
it's because these bullshit e-applications are deeming 98% of the public unfit to work.
If I do not get this job, it will be entirely on par with being deemed an unfit mother by a fast food vending machine.

(Insert flourish of middle fingers, waving back and forth with vigor.)

And above is a picture of Edward, in Hilary's hospital room. In his surgical mask. This is the only part of this post that makes sense to me.


24 hours can hold a few good things.

Steak dinners with fancy french cutlery.

Deciding on one's own what is best for the pastry case.

Learning how to master the Exemode SQ28M, a lovely gift from my friend Shino in Japan...

Learning this while at the beach...

Wearing fancy new high waisted bikini bottoms from American Apparel (whom I hate, but have made an exception for in this case, because these bottoms make me feel just that much closer to Marilyn Monroe).

And coming home to a successful avocado garden.


long time.

Long time and no see. I've taken more time off from this blog than I had planned, mainly due to a pretty stressful and trying month. My sister's surgery went well, but the entire process was more emotionally exhausting then I had predicted. But now she is well, and this is quite seriously the best thing ever.
The only thing left is for her to get well enough to be my beach buddy again. I can not wait.

Also, this week one of our friends at the cafe passed away very suddenly. I've been lucky up to this point, having very few run-ins with death...28 years old and had only ever been to one funeral until now. I can't complain. But either way, what a horrible week...
Mark, rest in peace. You are missed tremendously, already. <3

So I've decided after all of this it might be nice to start focusing in on the prettier, nicer, funner things in life for a while after a long hiatus.

So anyway, above are a few choice things that were good during all of the turmoil. Colored pencils and watercolors in the rain at Gwen's house. With rose wine spritzers. Terribly good. And Gwen's practice space in New Bedford. The most magical space in any abandoned mill, ever.

Now for breakfast and beach.