This Scarlet Mourning

I'm not going to bother with the "it's been forever since I've posted" nonsense again, because at this point I only post once in a few forevers in the first place.
You should be used to it by now, and I'm sorry for that, and plan on doing better. I apologize to my mysterious Russian fan base which I love wholeheartedly, as well as my moderate fan-bases from Belgium and Japan.

I'm back out of the blue because I want to support a pretty cool cause.
There is this awesome band called This Scarlet Mourning.
They are in the process of recording their first album and have started a Kickstarter page to help them with the financial costs. A mere $1000.  And they're currently $222 closer to that goal, with 8 days left.

I will say that I may be biased on a personal level (see: drummer), but this band is pretty damn awesome.

This song is probably my favorite. It somehow manages to bring me back to early high school years, when I kept a secret poetry journal and used to star gaze out of the window from my twin sized bed while dreaming of my unrequited crushes, thinking that surely everything must mean something, somehow. And yet, it's not a copy of anything I used to listen to back in the day.

So in conclusion, let me list a few good reasons to support this band:
1: You have good taste and an eye for talent.
2: You hate homogenized rock. (See: Avril Lavigne, Nickleback, Myley Cyrus when she feels the need to be hardcore sexy, etc.)
3: You hate that 90% of the music industry runs on sex appeal and autotune. (Redundant, I know...)
4: You reminisce on the days when you would hear a song on the radio so captivating that you would listen for hours if needed, just to figure out who it was...and then listen for days more just to be able to record that one song on tape.
Back then, music was good.
Let's bring it back.

So if you have $1, $10, $20, or $1000 to give, every little penny will be well appreciated and loved.

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