Progress, Etc.

Lately I'm feeling that there aren't enough hours in the day. I'm not really sure why, seeing as I don't work overtime by any stretch of the imagination. I'm blaming it partly on having to find a new car, a slightly longer commute, and having ten billion things I want to accomplish in a short period of time...even when I'm not accomplishing them, the time spent making tentative blueprints in my head seems to count as labor in some way, and is making me pretty tired on a daily basis. Except for this past Sunday which I spent entirely on playing The Sims 3. By 8 pm or so, I finally got the characters to get it on after I realized I couldn't put the bed against the wall. My list of achievements for Sunday end there. And I'm almost ok with that.

Policecop left for AT in the wee hours of Saturday morning, which left me the entire weekend to move stuff about, hang things up , organize, etc. The living room is honestly looking pretty damn fabulous. Ten points for having a boyfriend who already owns a full-sized Soviet flag which you can hang over your fancy stiletto display, in the style of Cindy Gallop's Selby feature.

Bookshelves: Filled. I am in love with having the analogue cameras on display here, they look like toys...

Say hello to my old-as-hell diner napkin dispenser. Yesterday Gabby and Nick cleaned out the cafe basement (god bless their hearts...) which was pretty much a treasure chest of random junk from the cafes that existed in this location before us. This was the first thing I scored, and I was almost hesitant...there was a whole bucket full of them. Dusty, dirty with rust spots...I took the best one I could find and cleaned it up. Now I am in love. It catches my eye every time I walk by it. Probably because this is one item that never really exists in homes.
Avocado Gardening. I have been eating avocados as if they were going to be discontinued indefinitely. I saved a bunch of the pits, and finally got around to buying toothpicks to set up my own elementary-level science experiment. Very excited.

The other things I scored from the cafe: vintage cigarette rack and chip racks...both were crap brown before I hit them with a can of chrome spray paint. HOW IN THE NAME OF GOD did it take me this long to discover chrome spray paint? If I had my own lawn, I think I would have every piece of furniture in the place out there by now, entirely chromitized.

Policecop's Lichtenstein prints, which will be badass when we can get them framed. Also his French flag-esque knit blanket he got as a present from someone waiting outside of Circuit City on Black Friday.
Art for the bathroom. Made from previously owned cheap-ass frame from Michael's and four beautiful hipstamatic prints taken by Policecop.

And that is all for now.

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