The Sushi and Cake.

GOOD NEWS: As of tomorrow, I will have a stable, unfaltering internet connection of my own. It has been terrible going without, mostly because this means I've still got 3 episodes of Lost to catch up on, one of which is the grand finale, last episode ever....I don't want to hear anything good or bad about it, I refuse to read the newspaper or watch the news...if you start to talk about it, I will run in the other direction.

This Saturday I faced the challenge of decorating a birthday cake all by myself, for the very first time. While it was entirely frustrating (I ended up dropping the only perfect buttercream rose I made), and took about an hour and a half...my Grandmother was ecstatic, she loved it to death. Which made the 90 minutes of toil and foot-stomping entirely worth while. In addition, my confectionery confidence has received an extreme boost. Mad props to Donovin, who showed me how to properly hold a piping bag when writing. Great Success!

In other news, I've re-discovered an $8 gem in my closet...the cheap black wrap dress from Rave. I got this at least three years ago.
Invest in one of these. They are easy to wear, flattering on every figure, and sold in cheap places. And, entirely adjustable to boot. You could add or drop four dress sizes and still fit into the same wrap dress. GENIUS. Bravo, Diane Von Furstenberg!

And for my last news brief before my internet connection kicks the bucket:
Sushi is the new hamburger helper.
Yes, that's what I said. I discovered this Saturday night, during a quasi-drunk attempt at making dinner. Let me explain...
Rice is cheap. (Make it short grain though, this is important...)
Dried seaweed is cheap....
For the rest, use whatever else you have to fill in the gap. Avocado, scallion hummus, chopped cucumber and roasted sesame seeds made for an outrageously good dinner.
Think about it...there are all kinds of crazy sushi rolls advertised in America...so long as you have rice and nori as a base, just assume that you can make good shit...
mango, chicken, cream cheese?...DONE
Banana, steak, tomato?...DONE.

I've decided to live off of sushi. I will just buy whatever is dirt cheap at Roche Brothers, wrap it in rice and be done with it. There is no other poverty meal that could possibly feel so glamorous.

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