Happy Independence, Jamaica.


Yesterday I attended a Jamaican Independence day celebration, where I found a new want/need for a grayhound in my life. Unfortunately there isn't much running space in this bitty one bedroom palace, wouldn't be very fair for the poor thing. The rest of my weekend has been taken up with spurts of mad productivity through cleaning and re-decorating/re-organizing. In between these spurts, I do nothing but read celebrity news. It's important to strike a balance.


Chrome-itized vintage cigarette rack is now the spice shelf.


Avocado One is thriving.


DIY artwork for the home.


The beach bag to end all beach bags. Nothing to do with productivity, but notice the fresh vacuum lines in the carpet. Why does vacuum need two u's?


Re-worked bathroom artwork. I have an abnormal amount of tissue paper sitting in the closet all wadded up...


Just so happens that the silver makes one neat-o background for photos.



Also woke up this morning with the urge to break out some of the fall clothes...it's not that I'm ready for summer to end...it's always a sad day when flip flops become utterly impractical, and I'm not done with the beach just yet. But suddenly I'm wanting for heavy knits, scarves, halloween and that awesome smell that hits the air when the leaves start to turn and people start using their fireplaces again. Mmmm.

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