I apologize for the complete lack of posting lately, sometimes I'm just not in the mood/can't find anything worth going out of my way to share. Or just lazy.

Halloween weekend was a happy one. I spent Friday night at the Roger Williams zoo, enjoying their extremely ornate and elaborate jack-o-lantern festival. I was blown away by the carvings and also saddened that such inspiration came only two days before Halloween, leaving me no time to make an art pumpkin of my own. But there is always next year.

Last night we headed over to Kelby's for a sweet and also ornate costume party. Unfortunately the host wasn't feeling well, but we all enjoyed his efforts none the less.
This year I decided to forgo "whore-o-ween", and chose a more modest costume: the Japanese school girl. In a realistic way. Not the thigh-high, stiletto, boobs busting out type. I enjoyed my night that much more, not having to worry about lady parts popping out or hypothermia.
The skirt is an actual uniform skirt, found at Khols for $15 in the girls section. The bigger sizes totally work for adults. I had hoped to incorporate this into my wardrobe in a practical way when I bought it, as in not with a white blouse and knee socks. I love the length, and pleats, and I will find a way to wear this, so help me god.
Everything else is from Savers, aside from the bow (self-made), and white leg warmers.

We've got a fun week lined up. Tomorrow night I'm off to see Blonde Redhead, Tuesday I have my first official sewing class. And as we speak, there is a Hawaiian pizza on its way to my door. Feeling mighty content.

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