Dreams of Spring and a Flying Ruden.


It is now January 17th and it has just occurred to me that I have not made a single official New Years resolution aside from mastering my beloved XSi. I guess I don't really feel motivated or inspired just by the act of filling another year and having to re-adjust to writing different digits at the end of the date.

For me, winter can be broken down into three stages:
1: Initial onset. Excitement of first snow, wearing knit hats, scarves and boots.
2: Novelty of snow and fancy winter gear has worn thin, but Christmas and New Years provide enough glitter and warmth to distract from barren tundra of arctic death that has overtaken the world.
3: Barren tundra of arctic death with no salvation in sight. Not to mention you feel like a glob having gained 5 lbs over the holidays, and your skin is as dry as antique paper in the Sahara. You want nothing more than to just be one with your electric blanket 24/7 while drinking hot milk tea and eating chicken dinners, with Lost playing on loop in the background till April. Sawyer will keep you warm.

So, stage 3 is where I'm at now. I'm pretty convinced that humans were originally intended to hibernate like the bears, until some tool in some high place decided that it was impractical or not economically productive to do such a thing. What a douchebag.

For me, the onset of spring is always so much more motivating than the New Years switch-over. The smell of the ground thawing out, watching the beginnings of buds start to pop out on the trees, that first semi-non-freezing day that leads you to break out the short-sleeved shirt even though it's still a bit impractical... the first day that you can roll your car windows all the way down and drive down the highway blasting whatever it is that makes your heart soar...
As opposed to December 31st, when we all get drunk and dripping in mardi gras beads, counting down the seconds till midnight, which only brings you to last call and a cold-ass walk to the car at which point you realize for the next few months there is still a 100% chance of frostbite, but now only with 0% chance of turkey, presents and other festivities.
So, fuck winter. Spring is the New-New-Year.

Tonight I braved the elements to attend a Policecop family dinner at the Charlie Horse. It actually wasn't that horrendous outside, so I was able to put together something at least a little bit cuter than a full-body snow suit.
Jacket: Old Navy, on clearance for $22 last weekend. UPDATE: These same jackets are now 50% off of pre-existing clearance price, today I got the navy version for $11.
Bag: I've been on a mad search for a big bowler-style bag and finally settled on this one, also at Old Navy 50% off clearance for a grand total of $12. The plan was to find one big enough to hold my camera and other necessities. Mission accomplished, for $113 less than the Betsey Johnson one I was eyeing at TJMaxx for some time. It's not that I wouldn't love a Betsey Johnson, I'd just rather grab something similar and still have enough money to score that sweet EF 50mm 1.8 lens that I'm dying for.
Scarf semi-permanently borrowed from Mum, grey sweater/dress and black tights from TJMaxx a while back. $3 Guess shoes from DSW.

Also in the mix, Rudy-cat showing off his fancy winter fur. I may miss my red coat come April, but certainly not as much as I will miss Ruden's out of control fluff situation.

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