Every day is Monday in January.


Yep. That's right.
The sound of the alarm makes your whole body curl up into a sad little ball, from your fingers to your toes. Even the simple act of reaching one arm out from underneath the covers to make the noise stop takes an excessive amount of courage and dedication. And for what? The only reason for living from the early hours of the morning till at least 11:00 am in January is coffee. And maybe the occasional eggs florentine. But hell! You made all kinds of promises to yourself about avoiding things like hollandaise this year!
FUCK JANUARY. I say at least give yourself the comfort of butter, chocolate and cheese until the time comes when you don't have to pre-heat your car as to not go into hypothermic shock on the way to work. Nobody is going to see your ripped abs underneath that goose down parka anyway.

For the past two weeks, there's been an overabundance of rain. Which is better than snow in a few ways. One being that it isn't quite so cold, and also being concerned about puddles while driving around town is not quite as stressful as the alternative...going about your business while worrying about sliding out of control and into a mac truck with a giant plow the size of your house attached and losing your head...so on and so forth. Though rain is not nearly as pretty...win some, lose some.

So in the meantime, I've been taking random photos, and reading my XSi book, aka my new bible. While I'm still baffled by atleast 90% of what this camera can do for me, slowly but surely I'm figuring out new tricks, functions and what-have-you.
I find that I learn best from my own mistakes. Example: failure to use faster shutter speed ruined 80% of all pictures taken at Policecop's graduation ceremony. While I was bummed as hell, there was a tiny spark of gladness in the fact that I can now recognize exactly how I screwed things up. Progress!

And to further motivate me, a fantastic photo correspondence project has been set into motion. Me + Buttercup, a dear sexy friend with an equally sexy dslr, + 1 shooting theme per week.

First Challenge: FIRE!

Although I started shooting the night we decided upon this, I have since come up with an idea of much greater, dangerous proportions that will be carried out by the end of this week. For now, I'll share with you my tea light adventures, which look much more impressive in the above animated gif than they do in still jpeg mode.

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