Here's to a Glamorous 2010.

Heeeeyooo welcome 2010!
In Carverland, things are off to a good start.
I have managed to pull together my Christmas monies plus a bit from my paycheck and score myself the DSLR of my wildest dreams. I am excited beyond all reason. And entirely impatient. I ordered it on New Years Eve morning, so the holidays/weekend are causing some delays in the payment processing and shipping. For the meantime, I bought myself an extensive guide book at Borders to study up on this insanely complicated contraption. It has officially become my 2010 resolution to master the xsi by the end of February.

The Christmas wonderland has been dismantled. It was kind of a sad process for me, and the wall tree is looking entirely lonely. I did pick up some pink and white lights on clearance to hang up as a substitute, I wasn't quite ready to let go.
I had an above-average Christmas this year. I really enjoyed the gift buying, wrapping, using excessive amounts of curling ribbon, sending cards, the whole bit. I got some pretty sweet gifts myself too...Audrey bookmark from my boss (perfect for tearing through my xsi book), gorgeous Italian crystal bottle and glass set from Gabbelina and Joe at the cafe, and a shoe-a-day calendar for 2010 from Policecop's parents...they obviously have me mapped out pretty well. I want to frame this picture of the Louboutin Anemone pumps.

For New Years Eve, I made it a priority to get doodled up beyond the realm of sensibility. I had wanted to go somewhere fancy for the sole purpose of doing this, but black tie events cost around $180+ per head. Solution: Go to any party, and get gussied-the-hell-up anyway. Approximately $200 saved, Problem SOLVED. And Policecop even played along and wore a suit. He is just that good of a sport.
I got the dress for $8 at the same time I scored the famous 17 cent dress this past summer. I knew I'd find a purpose for it, and I was right. I hit up Charlotte Russe for the rhinestone bow heels ($34) and the veiled hair comb ($3.50 whaaat?!). Matched with previously owned back seam thigh highs and leopard print coat from H&M at 70% off, bought as a x-mas present to-self-from-self.
Elliot's party was mad fun. The Cornerstone yankee swap is always so ridiculously good that I wish we could do this over drinks at least once a month. I'm going to have trouble waiting one more year, although it gives me plenty of time to think of a gift good enough to counter my bosses donation of an impromptu gift certificate from the pawn shop where I deliver lunch to and regularly walk in on the owner watching porn on his laptop, taking my picture, so on and so forth. When she said she had put something in the swap that was meant just for me, I didn't expect it to be quite so devious and fantastically clever. She is honestly some sort of genius. No joke. I believe Elliot ended up with the Peggy's gift certificate, but I'm positive that it's going to come back to haunt me.
As for the aftermath of New Years, Policecop and I went out for some eggs benedict (hash and florentine respectively), and spent the remainder of the weekend in a constant state of laziness, lolling about in our pj's, and enjoying the final season of The Shield from the warmth of my new electric blanket (X-mas present from Policecop. Like heaven. Is going to be the downfall of me, destroying all motivation to leave my bed and do anything productive. It's pretty much on par with having a gateway to Aruba in your closet or something...)

And Hilary's most finest Christmas present, Edward the doll, is guarding our manger setup until one of us here can muster up the motivation to go tromping through two feet of snow for 10 round trips or more to the shed to put all of these decorations away...I'm predicting that Edward stays for a while.

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