Indie Girls Gone WILD: americanapparel.net

Oh hey! It's every indie kids favorite non-sweatshop go-to for extremely generic basic clothing items, using raunchy yet edgy motel sex with an 80's feel to push their product! LOVES IT!
Or not so much.
Just take a moment to look at these ads above and picture them completely void of text.
Because let's face it, you weren't looking at the text in the first place.
So what is it exactly that you are trying to sell me, American Apparel?
While I'm all for quality goods and the abolition of sweatshops...and even if your merchandise is overpriced to the very calculated just-barely-acceptable mark...
I might be more drawn to it if you presented it to me in a less INDIE GIRL LIVES FOR ANAL! type of way.
For example, those turquoise tights would look mighty fine with a black dress, only without the desperate breast clutching. And that striped body suit would look kind of neat with wide leg pants, while not outlining the intimate details of my hoo-ha for gaggles of dudes to get off to while peering through their long bangs and listening to The Smiths, alone in their dark room in front of their Mac air books.
If these chicks were blonder, tanner, thinner, and had more silicone up in them, I'm pretty sure there would be a semi-big uproar about AA objectifying women in their ads.
Sex sells. It's always the same shit.

American Apparel, I think I'm all set. You creep me out.

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