Boston is the New Seattle.

Can I get a big collective, "I've had a-fucking-nuff-already?". My hibachi is turning into a bug pool and the carpet in my room feels like that of a poorly finished basement. It's freaking icky. Mother Nature is #1 on the non-summer of '09 shit-list.
In other news, had nice breakfast with police-cop this morning. Since the vacationers on the cape had nothing else to do (i.e. go to the beach, bike riding) (refer back to weather bit...), the wait was a bit long. So we made some modern art sculptures and had a spit-ball war.

Skirt and shirt from Old Navy '08. Sometimes they do a good job. Not often though.
Shoes: Charolette Russe.
Scarf was a gift from Yuki, a Japanese exchange student I hosted waaay back in '95 or so. Worn with Police-cop's S&W key.

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