These are a few of my favorite things...

1: Mini Tabasco bottle from MRE meal, boyfriends Smith & Wesson handcuff key as a necklace. It's in safe keeping with me while the specialist is away at basic. All hell will break loose if I lose it. (Crosses fingers and prays to random god...)

2: Tobacco case. After I started rolling my own cigarettes (around the time tobacco started costing its weight in human souls in MA), I went on a desperate search for a good case. Walked the mall up and down, went to Brennan's smoke shop, still couldn't find one that screamed "BUY ME!". Then I found this at Joanne Fabrics, sold as a special edition tin with yarn inside. Best Schappe ever. I had a friend from Germany try to translate it, but turns out it's slightly nonsensical, even in German. Since I scored this case, I've seen a few different designs while passing through the store, I highly recommend these for the avid roller. If I remember correctly, it was around $5.

3: AT LAST! Have found phone charm that I was willing to pay $2.49 for. Since I lived in Japan, a phone without a decoration feels naked and lonely. Discovered this at giant souvenir shop on Cranberry Highway, next to Percy's in Wareham. Also available: "Massachusetts...Mama's Boy" and "Massachusetts...$ Talks"...
Take your pick.

4: Zippo lighters found at flea market. Wondering where the hell Finn went, and why he would leave behind such a darling lighter...
The second one, "JM", could stand for a number of things. I switch it up depending on my mood, but I generally like "Jackie Magnificent" or "Jackie Marvelous". It reads "Love NRE 8 CJE" on the opposite side. I'm not going to bother assigning a meaning to that.

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