Love Letters to Fort Leonard Wood and the Hideous Shoes.

Yesterday I went about searching for proper stationary after work. And was I ever so suprised to find out that decent stationary costs a whale-load of money. Dear Army, can you reimburse me for this?
Anyway, I skipped the $30 sets (I would want the letters to be video-animated for that cost), and chose this $10 one instead. Which I am not at all disappointed in. It's hard to show all of the details properly, but there are small gold flecks amongst the butterflies. I also got a set of 200 pastel note cards. These two combined should get me through this long-distance fandango and then some. I am only hoping he doesn't get burned and forced to do pushups in the mud for always receiving such flowery letters. I figure he won't see pastels till December otherwise, it's my job to keep him in touch with the feminine, non-war-mongering side of the world.

As I was looking at my heel-wall deciding which pair to exploit next, I came across these ridiculous turquoise and yellow pieces of art, which a certain friend's brother dubbed "HIDEOUS!". Well Nolan, I beg to differ. These shoes make me want to organize a smutty car wash. Maybe to raise money for a bar-hopping night. In other words, I find them inspiring.
Paired with just a simple hanes t-shirt with collar and sleeves cut and denim shorts. (Un-noteworty combination, but comfy with a heart for the O)

Tonight I've rented Coraline from Redbox. This was my first redbox experience, and it felt futuristic, easy and non-commital. (If I don't have to deal with people I'm much less likely to return the dvd on time. Which is not a good thing. Yes, I'm the one that shows up at Holllywood Video two weeks later, drops it in the box and runs, never to return.) Now it's shower time, movie time and sleep.

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