as-classy-as fried chicken at the beach on a monday morning, in last nights party dress.

Last night I was lucky enough to catch Frank Morey and His Band at the Plough and Stars in Cambridge. (Is that not such a dreamy name for a lovely little bar?) I tried their special house drink, the Chinese Pirate. Verdict: Yummy, but I can usually find a new pair of sweet heels for $8.10.
It was wonderful to get out of the house and be with the friends, after a particularly dreary week in the land of the loveless. (Carver sans Policecop...) And I've got plenty of good writing material now after spending an actual night out.
In the morning Gwen and I decided to celebrate Hangover Awareness Day at the beach, with a truckload of KFC tortured chicken goodness. We were the very vision of class and sophistication at the seashore.

Dress: Salvation Army vintage find. Shortened by my lovely and talented Grandma.
Belt: Hot Topic
Shoes: Forever 21 (The bouncer liked them:)

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