Favorite shirt, meet favorite skirt:

Tonight I went on the annual Plymouth Police Fund Raising Booze-Cruise with my boss! We know about 1/2 of the town police force, as they are regulars at our cafe. And some of the most pleasant, quirkiest people I've ever met, might I add. Providing the law with delicious food also has its perks. I drove around town with an expired inspection sticker for about ten months.

Anyway, Saturday night I had one of those terrible I-have-nothing-to-wear-episodes, and went out searching. Savers, JC Penney, Target, TJ Maxx, Salvation Army, Old Navy. First of all, this was ridiculous from the get-go, because I have plenty to wear, and was being irrational. If for nothing else, it gave me something to do for a few hours. But I came up with nothing. Couldn't even find a scarf worth buying. The shopping scene is honestly a barren wasteland right now. This is gods way of telling me, "save your fecking money..."
In the end, I was forced to be creative. There were two guidelines I had to go by for this event:
1- No flowy, poofy skirts. There are lots of windy situations on boats.
2-No pin-heels. Not on a boat, while drinking, in the wake of hurricaine bill. Save yourself the misery.
Creativity was kicked into gear, and I came up with this outfit. I took my favorite dressy piece and my favorite casual piece, and made them work together.
The telnyashka (I told you you'd see it again) is a bit loose, not quite feminine. So I tied off the staps with bows made of red craft ribbon I had stowed away. This is an invaluable trick to making any plain t-shirt or tank look cute. Changing the neckline changes everything. This could be done with buttons, or also for those of us who are into effort, stitches.
Paired with the best skirt I've ever bought. Found at JC Penney last summer with the first $10 off coupon I got (before the 17 cent dress). I think it cost me a total of $8 or so. This type of skirt is classic, modest, and yet extremely flattering and sexy. It even passes as professional. (See catering gig last month...) I have gotten a ton of mileage out of this skirt, and I will never ever get tired of it. It's by Michelle Bohbot for Bisou Bisou. The material is flexible yet incredibly sturdy and comfortable all the while. I could write poems about this skirt.

Belt found at Salvation Army a while back. This belt is just entirely awesome. Made from elastic, with a slide adjuster. Fits low on hips with jeans at work, or at mid-waist with dresses.
Shoes from Charolette Russe, early spring last year. I'll say it again, red heels go with everything...

In the end, I'm delighted that I never found anything worth buying for this event. It was much more fun being creative with what I already had.

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  1. Shirt and skirt both are just awesome!! I have the similar style of skirt in red color!!