I loves me a good package. (That's what she said.)

They're heeere! God almighty, it's so fun to get packages in the mail.
Thanks to picking up a kajillion extra hours at work this month, these shoes are mine, all mine. And after a crap-tastic start to the week, UPS had spectacular timing. Granted I would have liked them for Elliot's birthday party yesterday. Where I tried fish tacos for the first time. Sounds gross, amazing in reality. Happy birthday Elliot! Thank you for teaching me the ins-and-outs of baking, and good cooking in general.
The selling point to these heels is that they are adjustable from top to bottom. Not one single part of them hurts even a fraction. And the heel is tapered like crazy in the back.
Thankyou, Forever21. You have made this week just that much more tolerable with a smashing deal.
Still on sale, for $13.99 here.
Worn with dress from American Eagle, found at TJ Maxx last winter for $8, I believe. It caught my eye because it looks like Nova Scotia tartan. I got it for New Years, but now it's suddenly too big. Grandma has a project for herself when she gets back from Canada. She's going to kill me if I ask her to alter another item of clothing.
Also, F21 necklace and red belt found at salvation army.
In other news: Room is a mess, again.

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