Bat For Lashes/The Other Lives

Bat For Lashes was all sorts of ridiculously amazing. First off, I'd like to establish the fact that Natasha Khan can not possibly be human like us. She was like a tiny angel on the stage barefoot, and god DAMN that voice. She's cut from a different sort of cloth, I do believe...
The opening band was also amazing. I'd never heard The Other Lives before, but Gwen had and loved them, so it was a special treat for her. I'm on a download mission with them as the target today.
I had a tough time taking any good pictures. If you hadn't noticed already, my camera is kind of crap, no flashes allowed, and she was bouncing around everywhere. Even the bass was giving my camera the blurries. (Isn't that the best feeling, the bass pounding through you at live shows?) But I do like the way this one up top came out.
Gwen and I had a painful shoe sistership going on, and Russel thought this was ridiculous. He just doesn't understand that city nights call for heels.
Russ posted a video he found on youtube of the show last night! Yesss....
If you have the chance to see her live, doooo iiittttt.....

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