Oh hi summer, there you are!

So where was summer back in June? Or July for that matter?
It's been so hot for the past few days, it's like summer is trying to fit itself in to one week, with full force. Next year, can you spread it out a bit more? I also hear that you've got a hurricane in store for us this weekend. Thanks a lot, Mother Nature.
Just staying in today, avoiding the heat, cleaning in spurts and drinking coffee. I'd attempt to go to the beach, but the 30 minute ride in my mothers non-air-conditioned, pleather seat oven on wheels, is just not tempting. I literally felt a drop of sweat roll down my shin yesterday while doing deliveries...my shin.

Shirt: Target clearance, around June.
Shorts: American Eagle
Scarf: Vintage
Not an especially remarkable outfit, but I'm a fan of this shirt and it's flowy-ness. Mum says it's the same color as my eyes. Which is a sick exaggeration.

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