If you know why I am so excited about this, you probably know too much...

The other night while I was in a pre-sleep pointless google hunt, I came across this business. Nothing was ever more meant to be.
Married to the Mob...why has it taken me this long to find you?
The clothes are ghetto-glam, something I usually never incorporate into my wardrobe, but god damn, I think it's about time.
And to boot, the girls behind this label keep an absolutely fantastic blog. It's feminist, modern, witty and extremely addictive. (MOB Living, Most Official Blog). One of the more recent entries is about the shitty American practice of advertising prescription drugs from everything to twitching leg syndrome, to eyelash enhancing pills...for those suffering with inadequate lashes. If I could high-five this blog, I would do so. Highly recommended.
I've been searching to the ends of the internet for some of the past-season collections, but can't find any for the life of me. At karmaloop.com, they have a decent collection, and if you sign up for their news letter you get a coupon code for $10 off any order, which I think is incredibly generous for the lack of work involved. I'm entirely sick of those "$10 off with order of $150 or more!" or "free shipping with purchase of $300 and over!" Bitch, please. If I could afford to order $300 worth of clothes off the internet, you'd best believe free shipping is not a financial dealbreaker...
Married to the Mob, I am in Love with you.

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