On Shopping in the Children's Department...

In my shopping adventures, I've found that one of the cardinal rules to finding neat-o stuff for dirt cheap is to look in every section. It's pretty much always true that no matter what store you go to aside from boutiques, womens clothing is always considerably more expensive than mens. This is because they know that in general women are willing to pay more, materials and cuts are more elaborate, trend turnover is rapid, etc. So, let's take a walk away from the juniors/womens department...
Nothing is cheaper than clothes for kids. Which brings me to this dress, found last summer in the Target childrens department. Granted I can not fit into most clothes intended for kids, but this dress was the biggest size they had for girls, and fortunately for me the biggest children in America are well...rather big. As was I when I was a youngster (yes, I was always a hefty kid growing up...as in 5th-12th grade...)
Also, I've found some of the best basic pieces in the mens/boys department at Salvation Army: My favorite vintage denim jacket, a braided leather belt like those I've seen a billion times on French fashion blogs, a sweet vintage red sweatshirt that I altered into a boatneck...the list goes on.
The best fitting plain white t-shirts I've ever found were in the boys section at Target...on clearance, about $6 for a pack of 3 or 4. Awesome for screen printing.
The point is, you need to search EVERYWHERE. You'll be surprised at what you find.

Dress: Target summer '08, kid's dept.

Necklace: A gift from Gwen last year, from Albany. I'd also like to have one that says "NON!"

Belt: Salvation Army, found sometime in early 2008. I shortened it so that it would fit tight around the smallest part of my waist. I now realize that I did a better job with the seam than the original one on the side I didn't cut. This is one of my favorite pieces. It goes with everything, makes otherwise baggy and blah shirts fitting and stylish.

Shoes: Charlotte Russe, last April or so. Red heels work with everything.

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