The Pinup Swimsuit

I haven't gotten a whole lot of beach time in this year, but after rifling through my bathingsuit drawer, I think I should make it a priority.
I found these suits last year on pinupgirlclothing.com
The one piece is one of the more flattering swimsuits I've owned. In retrospect I wish I had gone for one of the polka dotted ones (I'm a bit tired of cherries) but I love the uniqueness of this. You can't just go to a store and find something similar.
The bikini is just bad ass. It has a pucker bottom to boot. I'm thinking about altering the top a little bit.
Warning!: The one piece runs extremely small, and the bikini runs pretty large. I had to shorten the straps when I got it.
Also, the pinupgirl.com site is a bit shoddy, unfortunately. Especially as of late, they have tons of out-of-stock items still up that have been up for months. But the things they do have up, I give an A+ to. Also, with your first order you receive a discount coupon for the next purchase. I think it was about 15%...
I've noticed that the quality of photos my camera is kicking out is deteriorating at a rapid pace. And trying on swimwear is the best way to confirm a case of birthing hips. Elliptical time!

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  1. Jackie, your photography skills are outstanding, as is the subject matter.