Today I'm off to Savers 50% off everything day. I was going to wake up early and head out, but found it much nicer to sleep in and follow that up with three leisurely cups of coffee. If everything is cleared out by the time I get there, then it just wasn't meant to be. I'm hoping to find a pair of knee-high boots for dirt cheap.
And this is my Dorothy outfit. I expect to get several Wizard of Oz comments when I visit the cafe for lunch today. I'm ok with it though.

Jacket: Salvation Army, vintage. Found in the blazer section, but it's more of an over-sized blouse. $3.49
Belt: Salvation Army, vintage. Found this last year?
Shorts: Self-cut from Old Navy Jeans a while back.
Shoes: Anne Klein, I think I got these at least seven years ago at Marshalls. I remember wearing them in Kyoto, when I was first a student there.

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