Work and the Real Boyfriend Jeans

"Are you wearing mens pants?"
Why, yes I am Donovin.
These are my boyfriend jeans. Real boyfriend jeans, in fact. Police cop gave them to me, as they were too small for him. I find this shocking, because they are big on me, and he's definitely the lanky one. I guess it's a matter of scale. I love them quite intensely.
Today I got to make peanut butter brownie cupcakes. I'd tell you the recipe, but I might be shot.
Also had Elliot's french onion soup and a Jackie Salad for lunch: Spring mix, diced red onion and tomatoes, chopped kalamata olives, covering a big huge pile of hummus.
Hummus has been my reason for living lately.
Now off to get ready for the Bat for Lashes show!


  1. Hi Jackie, Hey it worked!


  2. I do! I do it so much that it's tedious, but when they come out nice I feel atleast 15% cuter for it, for atleast five minutes. Problem is, I don't even like cupcakes that much though...