Making a 17 Cent Dress Look $199.99...

This weekend we got a $10 off any purchase of $10 or more coupon at JC Penney. Normally I dislike 99% of their merchandise, but I figured I'd go and take a look. Took $10 out of my tips for the day and headed off. The goal: Find fitted strapless black dress for $10 or less with coupon. I've wanted one for a while.
After a whole lot of searching things were looking bleak, but then I found this...fitted satin strapless number, already on some serious clearance. It was originally priced at $50. With the markdowns and cupon combined, I got this dress and a brooch for 17 CENTS. I'm pretty sure I just broke a record. The brooch is lovely, but unfortunately I broke the pin...you can't win 'em all. What am I going to do, demand my 17 cents back? I think I can fix it.
Being made of satin it's dressy on its own, but I think it's pretty damn fine with an 80's denim jacket and biker boots too.

1: Carlos Santana heels. Target also has a pair similar to these on clearance now, but the heel is thicker and there is no zipper up the back...I fell in love with the zipper.
Brooch I made from fabric bird of paradise found at Michael's. I'm getting worn out with the whole rose thing.

2: Vintage 80's denim jacket found at Salvation Army. Boots from Target. I found these around May on clearance for $4! They are extremely comfy.

And the lesson learned from this story is, if you get one of these cupons, GO! I will also inform you that they a good selection of incredibly cute black skirts on clearance.
In other news, my room is a mess.

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