Soon you will be mine...

Saw these on Cherry Blossom Girl a bit back, and for once this chick is wearing something that is not Chloe/entirely unattainable...Forever 21. Aaaand ps, by the way: they are on sale. I wouldn't have fallen in love with them based solely on the pictures on their site. Thanks for the tip, Alix.
Also, I got my first love letter FROM Fort Leonard Wood today. Not to mention my first phone call, last night :)
Specialist is doing well. He says that they have given him the nickname of "Rocket Man"...
After an all-day Lost-a-thon and one container of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt (the love can not be stopped), it's dream time. Hopefully I will not wake up thinking I am on the island, which actually happened last week.

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