A love letter to Sandra Beijer: You make me want to learn Swedish.

I've been following several fashion blogs for quite some time. I've found tons of inspiration, motivation, and severe jealousy. Amongst all of these amazing blogs, there is one in particular that I have to give a loud shout-out to:
Niotillfem, by Sandra Beijer.
Her appeal doesn't start or end with who makes what she is wearing. Her blog is more of a diary, and while you're reading it, you can't help but to notice how damn stylish she is.
She eats, she drinks, she smokes. She loves with abandon...(the fact that her current boyfriend Ludde looks like Val Kilmer circa his hot days can't hurt...)
I definitely enjoy reading the blogs of wealthy American and Parisian girls, who can drop $500 on a pair of heels like it aint no thang. It makes me jealous and motivated in one swoop. But the prize of most charming goes to Sandra Beijer.
She is my most current hero.

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