I'll make it worth the burn....

Policecop told me to avoid sending photos, lest he get burned. I figure at this point he has to get burned for one thing or another, and I'm not breaking the rules...I'll just print out pictures on my letters...he said it was ok to send cards...so, GO!
Even if he gets targeted, well that's what he gets for leaving me for 5 months.
I refuse to be censored through the only method of communication we have left.
I'll make every pictue worth every push-up he has to do to get it in his hands.
That's my job now.
This is all just kind of ridiculous.


  1. it's so ridiculous that he could be publicly ridiculed for that. it's cruel and it just proves the ridiculousness of this "masculine" army code of honor.

  2. then again, it might make him feel emotions! which might interfere with the drive to kill. GO ARMY!

  3. :( I'm pretty much in agreement with these last two anonymous posts :( :( :(

  4. I knew it! P.S.- Thankyou for putting up posters for Alby. I just saw them down at the mailbox the other day.