Missing Kitteh Came Home!!!

I had just fixed myself a fine bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats when I went back into my room and heard a scratching at the back door. Assuming that it was one of the other members of team cat, I opened the screen, sat back down at the computer...then all of the sudden...."MEEP, MEEP, MAAAAOOOOWWWW!!!!!"
Albany Kitty came home, after almost a month of being MIA! This is the very first time we've ever had a cat come back after being missing for so long. I had honestly given up hope after the first week.
Thank freaking god for random miracles.
She's currently sleeping right up against my hip as I sit here typing. Since I let her in the door, even a can of tuna couldn't keep her away from my side. And she's not even skinny! Albeh Kitteh, where the hell were you?
I'm so happy she's back:)


  1. this makes me so happy it almost brings tears to my eyes.

  2. BABY ALBANY!!! she looks so cute :)