Undercracker Love, August: The Vintage Style Bra

Bras, oh bras.
Now days, we have minimizers, Biofit and Body by Victoria, sports bras, and so on and so forth. Nobody ever wears the pretty lacy stuff unless they're in let's-get-some-mode. Which I think is kind of sad. I feel like lingerie celebrates the female figure, and we should enjoy it for ourselves, not just for the boy we're trying to please. Which is why I like vintage lingerie.
The designs, the material, the details...it was all better way back when, as opposed to the current trend of simply being scandalous, transparent and skimpy. While comfort and functionality are all very important, why is it that we only ever wear beautiful undergarments when we think that someone else is going to see them? This is why the word "lingerie" now holds dirty, slutty connotations.
Wear it for yourself, just try it. It's rather nice.

The two satin bras (zebra and polka-dot) are from Forever21, found them early this year. These are amazing in fit and comfort, and also convertible. Trust, from a 36C girl, these are honestly comfortable and supportive. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be selling these exact ones anymore, but the do have a similar, extremely cute style here. (Yes, I want this one too, but I'm holding off.) $8.80 a piece. You don't necessarily have to pay $40 for a decent good looking bra, I promise. Just try it out.

The remaining two are actual vintage pieces, found at Salvation army for about $2.00 each.
The plaid one is unfortunately of the cone-boob era. As much as I love vintage, I can never get into this. What I do love about this bra is that the entire functional structure is made from fabric and seams. There are no underwires, no elasticity. And the hardware...brass circles behind bows connecting the straps at the front, and then a pretzel-belt hookup in the back. The tag says "Charmode, Sears, Roebuck and Co." Charmode is apparently from the 60's and somewhat in demand.

The second one reminds me of Madonna back in the day, because of the circular seams around the cup. Also the hardware is entirely unique; hook-in-hole closures. It's by Hollywood Vassarette, and after some slight googling I have realized it might possibly fetch around $90 if I choose to sell it. Which would be an $88 profit. I might have just found a new carreer possibility.

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