Fall Preparedness, Session 1

Today was total crap weather, and a dead indication that summer is coming to an abrupt end after a late start.
I spent half of the day cleaning, and then toying with the idea of putting up shelves. Went to home depot, came to the conclusion that shelf building is just too costly. One cheap-ass bracket is $7, and you obviously need two per shelf, so on and so-forth. Salvation Army was right down the street, so I changed my plan of action.
I found two blazers, and then re-routed to Savers where I found a pair of old-timey looking leather winter boots and a neat scarf.

This white blazer fits perfectly, and despite the fact that it's vintage it is entirely spotless. Not a loose thread, or even a hint of a stain.50% off for a grand total of $2. (Note: I hate the whole no-white-after-labor-day business. The only logic I can possibly find behind this ridiculous rule-of-thumb is maybe I'll be harder to rescue in the event of a blizzard.)

The boots are a bit rough around the edges, but nothing some shoe polish won't cure. Big enough to fit thick socks under, and they've got treading on the bottom for snowy days. $8.
Blue and white scarf, also Savers for $1.99. Reminds me of dutch ceramics.

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