Retail Therapy in Heartbreak City

So as it turns out, the army heeded my demands and allowed Policecop to skip processing and leave tomorrow morning, as planned. (Don't fuck with the Captain...) This allowed us to have our fancy seafood dinner, and also left me crying in dramatic fashion in the parking lot of the South Shore Plaza. Which was to be expected. No amount of everything tuna could have prevented that. On the upside, since I haven't gone to the beach once this non-summer, I had plenty of waterproof mascara to carry me through the flood. Eyeshadow? All over Policecop's shirt in giant smears.
The next four months will be interesting, tough at times I'm sure, but I'm looking forward to re-connecting with my besties, as I've missed them madly.
Prior to the everything tuna sob fest, I made some time for myself to do some warranted, shallow retail therapy.
1: Grand Prize. I've wanted cut-out heels of this sort for atleast 10 evers. On sale for $11 @ Forever 21. Baby Jesus is looking out for me in this time of need and sorrow.
2: Reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffanys somehow. $5 @ Forever 21.
3: Googly glasses that eat my face. $9 @ H&M.
4: Sympathy gift from mum. Yankee Candle lip gloss in teeny-tiny mini jar. Very cute :)

This is where the retail therapy starts and ends. Fiscal responsibility calls.

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