my baby left on a jet plane

Policecop has touched down safely in Missouri, the land of...uhhh....
In my sullen state as of about two weeks ago, I rediscovered my love for Kent. Went on a youtube hunt for them, and found these two videos made by someone living in South Korea. They remind me so much of taking the trains back and forth in Kyoto, always listening to my headphones and just staring at the passing scenery.
There was something about watching the world go by through a train window in Japan that always kept me captivated. No matter how accustomed I became after a few years, no matter how much I grew to take for granted, the view from the train window always made me happy. Especially from 7-Jou to Fushimi, when Kyoto Tower was in view. Also the Otokoyama bit, along the side of a mountain covered in bamboo. I didn't know about Kent while I was there, but if I did, I'm sure I would have listened to them on the Keihan line many many times. Especially en-route to Osaka.

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