Love Letters to Fort Leonard Wood and the Hideous Shoes.

Yesterday I went about searching for proper stationary after work. And was I ever so suprised to find out that decent stationary costs a whale-load of money. Dear Army, can you reimburse me for this?
Anyway, I skipped the $30 sets (I would want the letters to be video-animated for that cost), and chose this $10 one instead. Which I am not at all disappointed in. It's hard to show all of the details properly, but there are small gold flecks amongst the butterflies. I also got a set of 200 pastel note cards. These two combined should get me through this long-distance fandango and then some. I am only hoping he doesn't get burned and forced to do pushups in the mud for always receiving such flowery letters. I figure he won't see pastels till December otherwise, it's my job to keep him in touch with the feminine, non-war-mongering side of the world.

As I was looking at my heel-wall deciding which pair to exploit next, I came across these ridiculous turquoise and yellow pieces of art, which a certain friend's brother dubbed "HIDEOUS!". Well Nolan, I beg to differ. These shoes make me want to organize a smutty car wash. Maybe to raise money for a bar-hopping night. In other words, I find them inspiring.
Paired with just a simple hanes t-shirt with collar and sleeves cut and denim shorts. (Un-noteworty combination, but comfy with a heart for the O)

Tonight I've rented Coraline from Redbox. This was my first redbox experience, and it felt futuristic, easy and non-commital. (If I don't have to deal with people I'm much less likely to return the dvd on time. Which is not a good thing. Yes, I'm the one that shows up at Holllywood Video two weeks later, drops it in the box and runs, never to return.) Now it's shower time, movie time and sleep.


Нас мало, но мы в тельняшках!

Let me explain to you how much love I have for this one shirt.
Aside from being obsessed with all things Russian (including but not limited to men, vodka, borscht, Vladimir Putin, and all-around fierceness), this telnyashka I got back in May is one of my favorite all-time pieces. Why?

1: A telnyashka (ru. Тельняшка) is a dark blue blue and white striped, sleeveless or not, undershirt worn by sailors of the Russian Navy, the Soviet and Russian Airborne Forces (the VDV) and the Russian Naval Infantry (Marines). It is a symbol of great pride for its bearers, perhaps best exemplified by the famed Soviet sniper Vassili Zaitsev. Zaitsev was a sailor in the Soviet Pacific Fleet who volunteered for army duty in the Battle of Stalingrad, but despite transfer to the army he refused to give up his Navy telnyashka because of the pride it engendered. General Margelov who was later to modernise the Soviet airborne forces had served with a Naval Infantry unit in the Great Patriotic War and procured telnyashkas for the airborne forces as a mark of their elite status. There is a popular saying that ironically presents telnyashkas as an attribute of "real men": "Нас мало, но мы в тельняшках!" (Nas malo, no my v telnyashkakh — We are few in number, but we wear telnyashkas!).
(Source: Wikipedia)

2: It works with everything from pj bottoms to pvc pants. I'm hard pressed to think of any shirt that looks better with a studded belt...and let's not forget red lipstick...
3: It's nautical. Works excellent with swimsuits.
4: The material is perfect. Not too thick, not to thin. Soft but not flimsy.
5: There is no front and no back to this shirt. No worries about putting it on the wrong way during those times of mental haziness.
6: It's Russian Military. Just try and get more badass than that. I dare you.

You will be seeing alot more of this shirt, guaranteed. I got mine here for only $10.50. The shipping was around $8, and coming straight from Russia with love, that's not so bad. Worth every penny. They make them in a few different shades of stripes, but I chose navy. I'm going to look for a smaller, more fitting one when I have some extra change to spare. I could buy fifty of these and never regret it.


my baby left on a jet plane

Policecop has touched down safely in Missouri, the land of...uhhh....
In my sullen state as of about two weeks ago, I rediscovered my love for Kent. Went on a youtube hunt for them, and found these two videos made by someone living in South Korea. They remind me so much of taking the trains back and forth in Kyoto, always listening to my headphones and just staring at the passing scenery.
There was something about watching the world go by through a train window in Japan that always kept me captivated. No matter how accustomed I became after a few years, no matter how much I grew to take for granted, the view from the train window always made me happy. Especially from 7-Jou to Fushimi, when Kyoto Tower was in view. Also the Otokoyama bit, along the side of a mountain covered in bamboo. I didn't know about Kent while I was there, but if I did, I'm sure I would have listened to them on the Keihan line many many times. Especially en-route to Osaka.


Retail Therapy in Heartbreak City

So as it turns out, the army heeded my demands and allowed Policecop to skip processing and leave tomorrow morning, as planned. (Don't fuck with the Captain...) This allowed us to have our fancy seafood dinner, and also left me crying in dramatic fashion in the parking lot of the South Shore Plaza. Which was to be expected. No amount of everything tuna could have prevented that. On the upside, since I haven't gone to the beach once this non-summer, I had plenty of waterproof mascara to carry me through the flood. Eyeshadow? All over Policecop's shirt in giant smears.
The next four months will be interesting, tough at times I'm sure, but I'm looking forward to re-connecting with my besties, as I've missed them madly.
Prior to the everything tuna sob fest, I made some time for myself to do some warranted, shallow retail therapy.
1: Grand Prize. I've wanted cut-out heels of this sort for atleast 10 evers. On sale for $11 @ Forever 21. Baby Jesus is looking out for me in this time of need and sorrow.
2: Reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffanys somehow. $5 @ Forever 21.
3: Googly glasses that eat my face. $9 @ H&M.
4: Sympathy gift from mum. Yankee Candle lip gloss in teeny-tiny mini jar. Very cute :)

This is where the retail therapy starts and ends. Fiscal responsibility calls.

DEAR US ARMY: You owe me a tuna steak, and I don't want to hear that you have bigger things to worry about.

Dear sirs, captains, generals and what's-it's:
If you were going to push my boyfriend's ship date to basic up from Wednesday to Tuesday, some form of notification would have been greatly appreciated, and would have allowed us to have that fancy seafood goodbye dinner we had planned for tonight. Now he is leaving unprepared, and I have seen him for the last time till Christmas WITHOUT KNOWING IT. Had I known last night was his last night around till practically the new year, I probably would not have spent it web logging about my fecking undercracker collection.
But now that that's out of the way, I am free to spend my day wrapped up in blankets with greasy hair, eating frozen yogurt out of the container. This is the state in which I will be waiting for my apology, you love trampling BASTARDS.

Sincerely, Capt. J. Danger.
(P.S.- You should count your lucky-ass stars that I had the forethought to ask him for his Smith & Wesson key yesterday instead of tonight.)

Thankfully, the friendie-troops are coming together for me with promises of drunken debauchery, loft parties and veggie chili nights. I lurve them with the greatest of desperation.


Undercracker Love: July

Oooh, undercrackers.
I could go on forever. Here are a few of my all time favorites, for my first ever Undercracker-Hall-Of-Fame:
1: I Love Your Band...If only I could be a designer for VS Pink...
2: "Je voudrais coucher avec Che". My own design, printed 2008
3: Intricate lace, modest covering. I'm a fan of contrast. DKNY.
4: Possibly all-time-favorite VS Pink design. Just screams "reckless disco"...
5: Music notes by Pink. The concept is great. I'm going to make myself a pair with the notes to Zeppelin's "When the Levee Breaks"....Wait for it...

Boston is the New Seattle.

Can I get a big collective, "I've had a-fucking-nuff-already?". My hibachi is turning into a bug pool and the carpet in my room feels like that of a poorly finished basement. It's freaking icky. Mother Nature is #1 on the non-summer of '09 shit-list.
In other news, had nice breakfast with police-cop this morning. Since the vacationers on the cape had nothing else to do (i.e. go to the beach, bike riding) (refer back to weather bit...), the wait was a bit long. So we made some modern art sculptures and had a spit-ball war.

Skirt and shirt from Old Navy '08. Sometimes they do a good job. Not often though.
Shoes: Charolette Russe.
Scarf was a gift from Yuki, a Japanese exchange student I hosted waaay back in '95 or so. Worn with Police-cop's S&W key.

These are a few of my favorite things...

1: Mini Tabasco bottle from MRE meal, boyfriends Smith & Wesson handcuff key as a necklace. It's in safe keeping with me while the specialist is away at basic. All hell will break loose if I lose it. (Crosses fingers and prays to random god...)

2: Tobacco case. After I started rolling my own cigarettes (around the time tobacco started costing its weight in human souls in MA), I went on a desperate search for a good case. Walked the mall up and down, went to Brennan's smoke shop, still couldn't find one that screamed "BUY ME!". Then I found this at Joanne Fabrics, sold as a special edition tin with yarn inside. Best Schappe ever. I had a friend from Germany try to translate it, but turns out it's slightly nonsensical, even in German. Since I scored this case, I've seen a few different designs while passing through the store, I highly recommend these for the avid roller. If I remember correctly, it was around $5.

3: AT LAST! Have found phone charm that I was willing to pay $2.49 for. Since I lived in Japan, a phone without a decoration feels naked and lonely. Discovered this at giant souvenir shop on Cranberry Highway, next to Percy's in Wareham. Also available: "Massachusetts...Mama's Boy" and "Massachusetts...$ Talks"...
Take your pick.

4: Zippo lighters found at flea market. Wondering where the hell Finn went, and why he would leave behind such a darling lighter...
The second one, "JM", could stand for a number of things. I switch it up depending on my mood, but I generally like "Jackie Magnificent" or "Jackie Marvelous". It reads "Love NRE 8 CJE" on the opposite side. I'm not going to bother assigning a meaning to that.

Meet Jennifer Reale

A few weeks ago I discovered the Jennifer Reale boutique in downtown Plymouth. Also discovered two dresses marked down from $218 to $14 each. One needs the neck tie adjusted, the other one is begging to be shortened/taken in. In the end, I still consider this a shining victory. The materials she uses are gorgeous. http://www.jenniferreale.com/ <3



So I had my first catering gig today, and after the whole initial prep-shit-storm, it was actually pretty fun. Actually found semi-well-fitting white blouse with bonus of marble-type buttons on clearance at the last minute. I am entirely opposed to dress code 99.9% of the time, but this worked out. Verdict on the new shoes: yeah, they hurt after 3 hours of running around. And I love them. Now I'm home, beat and entirely stuffed with Greek food, waiting for Chris who is bringing beer. Luuurrve....