Beetles that can't catch a break.

So while cleaning my room this week as explained in the last post, I realized that there was not only one, but two bugs trapped underneath the glass of one of my photo frames.
Yes, I knew there was one there before...and didn't do anything about it. It kind of blended, so what?
Once it occurred to me that there were actually two bugs of seemingly two separate types stuck in this frame, I kind of couldn't help but wonder why, how, and what were they hoping for by going through the trouble of climbing into this frame in the first place? It is rather pretty...four shots I took on a fall foliage viewing trip to a temple at night in Kyoto. Eikan-do, maybe. I went out with the rest of the kids living in my dorm at the time, brought my Lomo and the colors were some kind of magic.
I can see why you'd want to crawl into a picture like this. After work today, I would also like to crawl into this picture. With some frozen yogurt, a big blanket, and some icy hot. Yes please.

Maybe that was what the bug was after. Things aren't so pretty in Carver. He was probably sick of his job.
And maybe bug #2 went in to save him from his illusions of escape, only to get caught in the first frame. "Hold on! Just stay awake, I'm going to get you out of here!!! STAY WITH ME!!!"
Kind of like Rose and Jack in Titanic...only not...for multiple reasons, one being that they both died and neither went on to have babies or get their pilot's license. Which is a shame. It's a good thing I survived to tell their story.

And there you have it, a fabricated tragic love story of two beetles to kick off your weekend, from the broken and tired mind of Jackie, in need of vacation.


  1. this is amazing. you were born with some sort of magic, i swear... noone is as clever as you!

    I noticed that I am your 6000th visitor! yay! you win!