I will love you forevah....

Ahhh Valentine's Day. This year was a mighty good one.
Despite a nasty sinus infection that I'm still sort of getting over (I'm at about 90% now...), I managed to throw together a crafty present...a small-scale love story photo book.
As it turns out, my current toy kick did not end with the expanding sea creatures (which are at least 200% now, by the way...)
It all kind of started with the shark shark helmet, and knowing that Policecop would probably want one too. As a matter of fact, he was questioning me about the origins of said helmet as he was unwrapping his very own dinosaur version. It was some kind of perfect.
I'm assuming that the majority of you have seen these shark/dinosaur love pictures by now, so I'll skip the lengthy explanation. It was the cutest idea I've had in ages, and that's about it. I'm feeling rather proud of it still, and ordered my own prints last night.

The weekend was spent driving about to various flea markets, finding a sweet vintage Kino Kiron lens for $15(!), good Italian food eaten side-by-side, a night at our new favorite getaway (smoking rooms...enough said), Sunday breakfast and so on.

So, happy belated love day everyone!

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  1. Oh my stars and garters this is so freaking cute. I don't think i've ever seen anything that hits this level of cute withough being slimy and obnoxious. Well done! You've hit a new level of pure cute.