Providence, My Love...

Providence, Rhode Island.
A very romantical city according to nobody but me, for the most part.
I really, really love Providence.
The fact that I am not afraid to drive in it. The fact that the vintage store on Thayer Street has an annual "Disco Sale". I can buy new nose rings at the Indian store (dot, not feather...) and get free bangles or instant curry every time.

Providence has yet to let me down.
Even today on a random February Sunday while finishing up a cigarette break with Gwen in front of Urban Outfitters, an electrified parade of student-types waving Canadian and US flags in some sort of Olympic glory show streamed by us...even inviting us to party the night away with them...if only we didn't have jobs.

Providence...small but glorious in your own respect...you are my kind of city. And I love you.

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