Jackie's Hospital Adventure

Ravishing photo courtesy of the lovely Policecop.

I'm going to be entirely honest, this week sucked big time.
I'm one of those non-insured types that you often come across in the US, and when something goes awry on the health front, up till now I've been able to take care of business myself with the help of my long-time primary care physician, Dr. Web MD.com.
Wisdom teeth? Take excessive amounts of Aleve and Jack Daniels shots prior to bedtime. Avoid hard candy and crunchy things.
Sinus infection? Vitamin C, rest, chill out on the cigarettes.
etc, etc. It's been smooth sailing for the most part, till this week.
Sometimes you just know that there's something up with your general condition, and you can't put your finger on it...and Dr. Web MD always tends to tell you that you are going to die in these situations...he can be very doom and gloom sometimes. Cancer, leprosy, the plague, rabies...etc.
Though I applied for insurance in a hurry this week, I couldn't wait out one month for it to kick in. I was going to take a stab at waiting, but my body over-rode that decision in a snap.

Cut to Thursday morning, on ride to work: The biggest baddest panic attack in the history of Jackie. Ended up pulled over in parking lot of Plymouth Plantation, it was a total mess. Shaking, hyperventilating, all extremities were cold and tingly...and it lasted at least 45 minutes. I don't get these things often, maybe once or twice a year, where my mother once suffered with them on a near daily basis...I can usually control them to some extent, and am not of the variety that thinks I'm dying when they hit...I know what they are, what I have to do, etc. But still, they suck big time. And it's difficult to explain to people that don't have them that they're different from a freak-out episode...it sucks to have to call into work with one of these.

Anyway, long story short I ended up going to the hospital, had to explain to them that I wasn't there for the panic attack so much as the symptoms that had me worried enough to trigger it. Got properly checked out, and got proper medicine for the first time in god knows how long.
So, Jackie will be ok.
Also, word of advice for the insurance-less masses much like myself, if anyone in your household has triple A for their car, it can get you a discount on your Rx. I saved about $23 on mine with my sisters card.
Today I'm extremely beat. I have about a billion prints from Snapfish that I was going to assemble a Lomo wall with, and while I'm looking forward to doing this I don't much have the energy. Maybe tomorrow.

Today is for streaming video in bed, book reading and possibly some pm chicken caesar salad delivery from Georgio's.

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