A few of my favorite things...Early March edition.

So I'm still feeling whacked out from the whole ordeal on Thursday.
However, I did manage to have a rather decent Saturday: Lunch with Dad, much overdue oil change for car, present from Dad (THANKYOU.)
Went on mad search for long lost treasures around and under the house, in the nasty dirty crawlspace. Found a few ancient toys that I will share with you soon.

Spent some time dusting off the glue bits from my Lomo wall, and enjoyed the following:
My new favorite Fage Greek yogurt with honey. This shit fixes my broken soul.
Lomo fun stuff including colorsplash flash and mini 20% Lomo LC-A+ keychain I got at the ICA last weekend. You can even see through the viewfinder. Came with a neat little film tin to boot.
Also, Hysteric Glamour sweater won by accident on Ebay.
The upside: retails for $200, got it for $17.
The downside: Japanese one-size-fits-all = one-size-fits-all-anorexics. This thing is freaking tiny.
Worth it though? I think so.

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