Sick Blogging, Part II: The Lomo Wall.

So it is now dark out, and here is what I have done today:

Watched the last episode of The Office, birth of Pam + Jim's baby.
Ate 1/4 of a pastrami sandwich and 1 funny bone for lunch.
Considered looking in the shed for my long lost Pop 9 and Action Sampler cameras. Did not go through with plan.
Thought about taking a shower. Have yet to take shower.
Rolled cigarettes.
Bit the bullet and finally made giant 72 print Lomo wall.

I'm just now realizing that I have to find a way to hang this monstrosity up before I go to bed, unless I want cats walking all over it and ruining about 3 hours of work.

Am beginning to wonder if general feeling of wretchedness is due to being sick or due to spending entire day indoors smoking, eating crap food and inhaling glue fumes.

It's time for a shower. Beginning to wonder if Policecop wasn't joking after all when he said I smelled like pickles.

I hate being sick.

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