A Saturday and 1/2 of a Sunday.

Yesterday was officially the day I decided to give up morning coffee entirely. It's a sad thing when something you once loved so much suddenly turns on you and ruins shit instead of making it better...dizziness, jittery-ness and over-all yuck.
It seems that once I've been up a while and have eaten, I can handle the caffeine, but not before that. So farewell my beloved 3-cup and chain smoking morning bonanzas...I will miss you something terrible.

Here is how yesterday went after I recovered from acute caffeine poisoning:
1: Went about Plymouth finishing up what turned out to be the best Lomo roll I've had of recent. I'm thinking the Fuji 200 speed film is the hero in this story. The first four shots above are from that. Now why in the world has nobody mass produced a vignetting filter for dslrs?
Oh what I would pay for a filter like that....

Anyway, I would have liked to have gone down to the water, but the beach was still damn cold yesterday.

2: Snacked out on my favorite new chip ever: baked sea salt + vinegar.
With oolong tea.

3: Once again rejoiced in wearing fancy shoes outdoors.

4: Discovered new technicolor spring munchkins at Dunkin Donuts while visiting Policecop on his lunch break today. While they really do not taste all that good, they are very pleasant to look at.

So nothing extremely entertaining happened this weekend, but it was nice. Except my fan broke. Because appliances are now designed to kick it after about three years. Otherwise, the manufacturers would go broke, I suppose. Someday when I am president of my own island, I'll make sure to pass a bill that enforces quality shit.

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