Home of Eggroll, Jazz, and Blues:

This Saturday Policecop, Dupree and I braved the torrential downpours and met up with my Dad for a lovely Chinese dinner and blues show at Chan's in Woonsocket RI.
Though it was a bitch to find even with the GPS, I'm adding this place to my non-official recommended hangouts list.

First of all, swank live music with the plus alpha of crab rangoon, sweet and sour chicken (with marciano cherries, I have found a new reason to live...), fried rice...so on and so forth.

Secondly, the place is owned and run by the extremely dapper Mr. John Chan who sports the sweetest moustache I have ever seen in real life. I'm not even slightly into that whole indie moustache trend thing, and I don't use the word "dapper" often, but he was the kind of person that gives off that legend-type vibe. He caught me taking pictures in the lobby and instead of being annoyed he started explaining the history of the restaurant and how they recently celebrated their 100 year anniversary. I desperately wanted to take a picture of him, but got a bad case of opposite-end-of-the-camera shy. I get this often, and really have to learn to get over it. As a substitute, I did however take a picture of the mad-rad painting of Mr. Chen sporting a suit and a bow-tie. The visual evidence of this portrait should be enough to make you want to go to this restaurant in and of itself.

All in all, it was a wonderful night. Policecop even taught us an exciting new fortune cookie trick:
Just add "in bed", to the end of your fortune. Which made for a reasonable amount of awkward with my dad being there, and my fortune reading:
"Your skills and talents will be called on in unusual areas"...(in bed)...

So anyway, I highly recommend the home of eggroll, jazz, and blues to all of you. If it wasn't such a hike, I'd make this place a weekly tradition.

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