Mid-Week Review (nothing better to do).

Random recap of things I enjoyed this past week:

1: Cake decorating lessons with Elliot. While I am completely over the whole cupcake thing (making and decorating them on a very regular basis for a year has rendered me painfully bored with them...), I had a moment of inspiration last week while listening to my ipod surrounded by all sorts of buttercream...just making roses on top somehow made my day. And the cake? 100% Elliot, 0% Jackie. I've got a long way to go.

2: Spending an entire Saturday searching for neat things to buy for cheap, only to come out with a pack of glittery fish stickers to decorate your cell phone, which will inevitably fall off. Anyway, I'm rather fond of my phone aquarium.

3:Being able to wear monster heels again, now that the world has thawed out a little bit.

4: Irish sessions with Dad, Hilary and Policecop at the ICC.

5: Being the proud co-owner of a new Mini Diana 35mm, with Policecop. It's fickle, and while it's hard to get properly made prints with square and half frame exposures, I'm very excited to get some good use out of her. Also, I very much like the idea of sharing a camera. It takes 1/2 of the shame of buying yet another camera off of my shoulders.

6: Hayashi rice dinner on Monday. After all these years my rice cooker still works. Hoping to use it later this week for a super exciting adventure in Korean cooking.

What's bad this week? Random vague stomach pain that has me convinced my spleen is ready to rupture. Does it hurt that bad? No. It's more along the lines of a slightly pulled muscle. But after the whole hospital ordeal I'm becoming a hypochondriac...for the first time in my life. I am turning into my Grandmother.
Walk it off, walk it off.

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  1. your spleen is probably ready to rupture.